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Deal of the Month: 2 Historic Vermont Marble Company Fonts

$118.00 $79.00

Each month the MLC releases a collection of monument fonts/design resources at a special promotional rate. Don’t miss out, check back each month for a new deal!

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Vermont Marble Company Fonts: 2 fonts for only $99!

Historic monument fonts designed and printed by the Vermont Marble Company in their booklet: Lettering in Marble.


MLC Raised Commercial Gothic VMCA block style Commercial Gothic font designed for raised letters.

Vermont Marble Company Raised Commercial Gothic headstone font

* Only the basic character set is shown. For a full character map sample view the Font Project page.


MLC Modified Commercial Gothic VMCA Commercial Gothic font in the Common Gothic vein, re-designed with extra flair to create a more interesting alphabet.

Modified Commercial Gothic font

* Only the basic character set is shown here, along with alternates and ligatures in grey. For a sample character map see the MLC Font Project page.