Help The Monument Lettering Center

The MLC is seeking help collecting historical materials and information. If you would like to help and have any of the following documents, lettering materials, or historical information, contact the MLC. The MLC is seeking high resolution scans, rubbings, physical materials, and personal or family testimony.

• Metal Letter Sets & Plates
• Lettering Company Brochures, Advertisements & Catalogs
• Plastic Die Cutting Letters & Designs
• Trade Magazines, Newspapers, & Catalogs
• Alphabet Blueprints Created for the Monument Industry
• Monument Lettering Books
• Hand Drawn Alphabets
• Lettering Company History
Free Fonts: Font Exchange Program
Would you like to receive free monument fonts? The MLC is collecting lettering equipment for use in making historically accurate fonts and is interested in trading used lettering equipment or documents for copies of MLC fonts. In some cases, partial or broken letter sets may still apply for the font exchange program. For any fonts that the MLC still needs to build, a free copy may be given to you in exchange for any resources that you supply. Please contact the MLC for details. The MLC may also be interested in purchasing lettering sets or plates. If you have any equipment that you are no longer utilizing, please contact the MLC.
Digital Archives Program
The MLC is scanning historical documents and creating high resolution searchable digital files for use in researching the history of the memorial industry. If you have any materials that may be of help, please contact the MLC to find out how to send documents to be scanned by the MLC and returned to you along with a searchable digital copy for yourself. The MLC scans in documents using a high capacity feeder and utilizes OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to create a searchable pdf document in minutes.