January 19, 2023

The MLC is Seeking Historic Monument Industry Materials

The MLC is seeking help collecting, or borrowing and scanning historic monument industry materials. The MLC uses these materials to create digital fonts for the MLC Font Project, and write Historic Articles on the industry’s design and lettering history. As part of the Digital Archive Project the MLC is scanning these documents and creating high-resolution searchable digital files for use in researching historical design trends and influential designers. Unfortunately, over the past several years the MLC has regularly learned of monument shops throwing away historic materials during renovations or when selling/closing down. It is terribly unfortunate, as these items have great historic value and are often irreplaceable.

If you would like to donate (or lend for scanning) any of the following documents, lettering & design materials, or historical information, please Contact the MLC. Items from between 1910 through 1970 are especially helpful.

• Trade magazines or newsletters
• Design prints, brochures, catalogs, or flyers
• Metal letter sets or plates, and plastic die-cutting alphabets/designs
• Full-size design or lettering blueprints
• Industry design and lettering books
• Custom alphabets on paper, or blastic in glass or plastic
• Original artwork from notable designers/organizations

Even old company correspondence and receipts have been found to be useful for writing articles.