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Inscription Matching Service


Cemetery lettering service for matching final dates/final inscription work. Available in standard vector formats.

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“We don’t have that font” is not an excuse for engraving mismatched lettering on a headstone. All lettering can be matched, and every memorial deserves to have the lettering accurately reproduced when adding new information. The Monument Lettering Center specializes in matching hand-drawn lettering and calligraphy often found on cemetery headstones during the 20th century, as well as identifying and matching uncommon or difficult to identify digital fonts used on modern memorials.


Please contact the MLC before making a purchase to confirm that the work will be able to be completed within your desired timeline and file format. Most orders are completed with 1 to 3 business days, though times may vary based on the complexity of the lettering and current workload.


Short Inscriptions: $35

Short inscriptions of 10 characters or less*

Long Inscription: $55

Longer inscriptions of between 10 and 30 characters, per font*

* Character counts include letters, numbers, serifed dashes, and all other punctuation except for: periods, commas, slashes, and dashes (with no serifs). Multiple fonts needing to be matched on the same stone will require an additional payment. For long inscriptions, more than 30 characters will require an additional payment. Additional payments will be based on character count (Example: 2 fonts need to be matched, one at 10 characters and another at 18 characters–this would necessitate payments for one short inscription and one long inscription).


Multiple inscription matches may be combined in one order–simply add multiple to the cart before making a payment.

Bulk Discount: For 10% off, use coupon code bulk10 when simultaneously ordering at least 4 short inscriptions, or 3 long inscriptions–or a combination.


All orders will be delivered via email as vector drawings in a standard vector file of your choosing: AI, EPS, PDF, DXF, DWG, SVG (other formats may be available). Also included will be the font name, if one is found during the MLC’s research.