Monthly Archives: May 2016

Presto Cut Letters

In 1940, Massachusetts inventor Emile C. Franzmann applied for a patent for the industry’s first successful stencil die-cutting letters, which were marketed under the name Presto Cut. The letters and numbers came separately in wood boxes by size, displaying the name of the system on their sides. The Presto Cut process involved applying a stencil onto a memorial […]

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Allied Industrial Sales Corporation

Allied Industrial Sales Corporation was a company created in the early 1970s by John Gaspari and Imre Adler in Quebec, Canada. The company operated until its bankruptcy in 1976. The story of AISC: After a rift developed between inventor Anthony Gaspari and PALL (Canada), Gaspari secretly worked up new design and letter master templates for […]

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Gaspari & PALL

Based in Quebec, Canada, Anthony M. Gaspari and PALL (Canada) Ltd. worked together from 1968 until sometime in the early 1970s to create stencil press designs and equipment for the monument industry. The story of Gaspari & PALL: In 1968, Anthony Gaspari received a patent for his stencil press design, and partnered with PALL (Canada) […]

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PMD & Cutrite Systems

Plastic Memorial Designs International (PMD) was a plastic stencil cutting die manufacturer operating from 1976 through the late 1990s by Fred Adler, son of Imre Adler, partner and founder of the Allied Industrial Sales Corporation (AISC) plastic cutting die company. Located in Quebec, Canada, PMD marketed its plastic stencil cutting dies under the name Cutrite Systems. PMD also revived some […]

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