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MLC ScotchKut Condensed Roman


Digital fonts based on ScotchKut’s stencil press version of the Condensed Roman alphabet. Both OpenType and TrueType formats included with the download.

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MLC Condensed Roman SKS font

* Only the basic character set is shown here. For a sample character map see the MLC Font Project page. Opentype features shown in grey.


Monument Roman: Condensed


Created for use with a stencil press for sandblast engraving, this alphabet was designed to accompany the SKS Modified Roman alphabet. This version of the condensed roman style is the most common version seen in the cemetery, and is still used today by some manufacturers who have not updated to digital technology.


The designer of the alphabet is unknown, but was likely one of the two founders of SKS Ltd.


This Condensed Roman alphabet was released in 1968 by SKS Ltd, which would later be renamed to “ScotchKut” by the 3M company.  The alphabet is a condensed version of  the SKS Modified Roman, used for names and dates in smaller panels or where the Modified Roman is too large to fit. The alphabet is based on the Spacerite Condensed Roman alphabet, but like the company’s version of Modified Roman, the serifs have been thickened to allow for better sandblasting.

Distinguishing Features

Like the ScotchKut Modified Roman, this alphabet contained differences at the various size breaks, and the MLC has created multiple versions for matching inscriptions at any size. The alphabet was sold by SKS in small sizes (.75″ – 1.75″) which contained numbers, and large sizes (2″ – 3.5″) which did not come with numbers.


The alphabet contained a comma, a period, a dash, and a bullet. All other punctuation and extra characters have been created by the MLC. A second version of ‘A’ is included with a lowered crossbar, which helps with blowouts at smaller sizes, and was sometimes modified by hand-cutting an extra line below the crossbar and removing this new lower crossbar instead of the higher one before sandblasting. No ampersand was included with the alphabet, but the MLC has included two versions in the font. The first is a thickened version of the original Spacerite Condensed Roman ampersand, and the second is a condensed version of the ampersand included with the Modified Roman. The alternate ‘A’ and ampersand are included as stylistic alternates, available when using software which supports OpenType features.