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MLC Spacerite Condensed Roman Handcut


Digital “handcut” style fonts based on Spacerite’s original Condensed Roman alphabet. Both OpenType and TrueType formats are included with the download.

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Handcut Condensed Roman Truetype OpenType monument font

* Only the basic character set is shown here. For a sample character map see the MLC Font Project page. Alternate characters shown in grey.

This font is based on the Spacerite Condensed Roman font, and shares the same history and features. The only difference is the hand-cut version contains clipped serifs, which come to sharp angles at the ends. Because memorial lettering and designs were hand-cut in sandblast stencil for most of the 20th century, to work more quickly, many monument manufacturers would skip the tiny angles on the serifs and simply cut straight or slightly curved lines, creating sharp corners.


Hancut Roman Serifs

This font is used for matching final date inscriptions in the cemetery. Like the MLC Modified Roman Handcut font there are two versions included, one with straight angles, and a second with slightly curved angles. The fonts also contain alternates for various characters which commonly had either a sharp corner or a squared edge at the end of the terminal, such as ‘R’, ‘3’, ‘5’, ‘6’ and ‘9’. These characters are available as OpenType alternates when using software which supports OpenType features. With these alternates and both versions of the hand-cut serifs, matching hand-cut condensed roman lettering on memorials in the cemetery just got easier.