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MLC Spacerite Modified Roman


Font based on Spacerite’s original Modified Roman alphabet. Both OpenType and TrueType formats included with the download.

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MLC Modified Roman SR font

* Only the basic character set is shown here. For a sample character map see the MLC Font Project page. Alternate characters shown in grey.


Monument Roman: Modified


This alphabet saw most of its use from 1925 until the 1960s, though it continued to see moderate use well into the 1990s, and is still in fact used by some headstone manufacturers today.


The Spacerite Modified Roman alphabet is the quintessential monument font. It is the style which almost all other modified roman alphabets were based. This alphabet was created as a modified version of the Spacerite Classic Roman alphabet. It is given the term “modified” because it was adapted to give each letter a more equal visual weight. Most of the letters in a classic roman alphabet are wider than a modified roman alphabet, and have a much more circular ‘O’, ‘C’, ‘G’, ‘D’, ‘Q’, and ‘0’.

Distinguishing Features

Very thin serifs compared to all later modified roman styles. The tail of ‘Q’ connects to the left side of the bowl. The joint of ‘5’ bends inward and has slightly rounded corners, which differs from all other modified roman alphabets.


The original alphabet contained no punctuation, but the company did eventually produce multiple dash lengths and though very rare to find, an ampersand. An alternate ampersand from a version prior to the discovery of the ampersand is included. It was created by reversing the 3 and adding a longer lower finial, typical of many modified roman alphabets. All other punctuation and extra characters have been created by using other monument industry roman alphabets as a guide. Though also rare to find, the Spacerite Company did create a second ‘W’ with a center apex, but the version constructed by overlapping two ‘V’s is far more common. The second ‘W’ is available as an alternate when using software which supports OpenType features.