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MLC ScotchKut Raised Modified Roman


Digital font based on the plastic ScotchKut Raised Modified Roman alphabet used for cutting sandblast stencil. Both OpenType and TrueType formats included with the download.

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Raised Modified Roman SKS

* Only the basic character set is shown here. For a sample character map see the MLC Font Project page.


Monument Roman: Modified


The ScotchKut Raised Modified Roman was designed by the SKS company as a bolder weight of the Modified Roman alphabet, meant to be used when blasting raised letters, which need to be thicker in order to maintain their structural integrity in the stone. This of course does not necessitate its use for raised letters only, and the alphabet is often used for incised lettering as well.


SKS and PALL Canada each designed versions of alphabets for use in engraving Raised Roman letters, which have very different approaches. The SKS Raised Modified Roman alphabet follows the same basic design as it’s Modified Roman alphabet, while the PALL version took on more of the form of the Spacerite Double Outline alphabet, having a very different character design. The SKS Raised Modified Roman alphabet was digitized in Cochran’s Monumental CAD software and renamed to ‘Nelson Roman’, after the Nelson family, originally of Nelson Monuments of Canada and the Nelson stencil press.

Distinguishing Features

The thickness of this alphabet sets it apart from most Modified Roman alphabets–the stems being about 30% greater in thickness than the stems of the regular Modified Roman alphabet. ‘A’ is much wider than most Modified Roman alphabets.


The punctuation for the ScotchKut Raised Roman was the same as the punctuation for the regular Modified Roman, which appears slightly too thin to have an entirely unified feel with the letters. The punctuation included a period, dash, comma, and bullet. The MLC has created all remaining punctuation based on other Modified Roman fonts and thickening to match the weight of the SKS Raised Modified Roman letters.