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    Need help with this font. Thank you in advance. 


    Hello, this is the plastic ScotchKut/SKS Double Outline alphabet with the inside lines removed, creating a slightly awkward Bold Roman. You can see that the letters vary a bit on the name line when compared to the date, which can be seen most notably in the letter ‘R’, and is due to the fact that the plastic SKS letters differ at various size breaks.

    In the MLC font shop you can see digital versions created to match the plastic letters at each of the sizes. Fonts designed to match the medium and large sizes, which should match the surname and name lines are bundled, can be seen here:

    A font to match the smallest sets, which should match the date lines, can be seen here:

    It should be noted that the commas appear to have been elongated by hand by a stencil cutter, and will need to be manipulated to match what is on the stone. The original commas in this alphabet, as well as in the MLC fonts are much shorter. The ‘J’ used for this inscription was one of two included with the plastic alphabets, and is included in the MLC fonts as an OpenType alternate, which may not be accessible in your software unless it supports OpenType features.

    If you’d like help matching it and would simply like a digital file for plotting, feel free to use the Inscription Matching Service:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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