September 27, 2017

Headstone Inscription Matching Service

Sept. 27, 2017 – 

The Monument Lettering Center launched an inscription matching service this Summer as an aid to the industry, helping match hard to find fonts, hand-drawn lettering, and calligraphy found on headstones and monuments where a second inscription or final date is needed on an existing memorial.

Those who attempt cemetery lettering know how time consuming this process can be, especially those who take pride in their work and attempt to match the lettering exactly rather than simply using something that is “close enough” that the family might not care or notice a difference. Any manufacturer takes their work seriously will agree that a lasting memorial deserves to have a properly lettered inscription. Having an expert eye helps avoid spending endless hours sifting through and searching for fonts, and knowing when the lettering is not in fact a font at all. Furthermore, when a font cannot be found, properly drawing the lettering digitally or by hand takes even more time and skill.

A number of manufacturers have begun using the service, and the MLC looks forward to continuing to help with these more challenging lettering jobs.