July 28, 2018

Major update and new fonts.

All MLC font users should log into their account and download the new versions of the fonts they have purchased licenses for.


Windows font hinting issue.

Windows users may have previously seen an issue rendering the lowercase letters of some MLC fonts.

The update includes a fix for a Windows font hinting issue, and some small kerning updates, especially on some European language glyphs. The Windows operating system contains a bug which caused display issues of MLC fonts containing small-caps as lowercase letters. The bug is a display rendering issue only, and once letters are expanded/outlined into vectors they render correctly on screen and cut normally when sent to a plotter. The MLC removed auto-hinting from the fonts to workaround the issue. This was a Windows only issue, Macintosh users were not affected.

New Fonts

In addition, the MLC is excited to announce the release of 6 new fonts since the beginning of 2018, including the following:

Delano Granite Works Modern Outline

Floyd A. Holes Lombardic

Spacerite Old English

Signature Series Condensed Roman Sans

Signature Series Condensed Roman Semi-Sans

Signature Series Commercial Gothic